blink-182 Inspired M&M Cupcakes

blink-182 is one of my all time favorite bands.


One of their early songs (if you haven’t already guessed) is “M&M’s”

You and I should get away for a while~

I’m listening to it as I’m blogging ^__^


The recipe is painfully simple and extremely delicious. :D


-Any type of vanilla cupcake batter
-Your choice chocolate frosting
-M&M’s (or other coated chocolate candy)


If you’re using cake mix from a box, prepared as instructed. If not, still, follow the instructions on preheating and lining cupcake tins according to your serving amount.

Before spooning them into the tins, crush desired amount of M&M’s (I used a meat tenderizer) and mix into the batter. The more, the more chocolate!

Bake according to time directed

Frost when cool and decorate with extra candies on top!:)



These are photogenic :D


I made two of them so it worked with the M’s :D

Sorry if it seems so obvious to put together…still a beginner x)

(blink-182 photo from x. Idea from me)


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