About Us!

Hi! My name is Emlyn. (Emily ->; Émilie ->; Emlyn) I live in a small town in Connecticut and love what I do – bake!

Okay, in honesty, I’m still in high school. Not even half way home. I’m young. I can’t even drive yet.

I’m Irish primarily, except I’m beyond proud of the small part of me that’s Scottish. I love Scotland and Nova Scotia.

I love Asian cultures, specifically China and Japan. I’m learning both languages :)

I also love Zackarié x3


Hey everyone! :D it’s Zackarié!
I’m Em’s long time boyfriend and I love her so much!
So I’m the co-owner/co-host of this amazing blog and will periodically update and add some great recipes for anything from scones to soufflés :3

Anyways, I’m primarily Guatemaltechen, (from Guatemala) I speak Spanish and am planning on learning more Chinese and Japanese. Also, I am Irish and Italian. I love dishes from all cultures and will eat anything that looks and sounds delicious :)

Also, anything wether dish or recipe I post on this blog, I believe accents my personality and who I see myself as a person. So no recipes I post will be boring, I promise you that! :D

I love Em! :3



The recipes aren’t mine, sadly. I find them on the Internet and recreate word-for-word. However, sometimes I’ll add something or give it a twist for fun :)

I credit everything I post to its rightful owner. (~Emlyn and Zackarié)


Keep calm, and have a cupcake :)
(We insist)


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